Eastham Windmill Green

ArtisanFair on the Windmill Green


The Eastham Windmill Green is family friendly with plenty of surrounding parking. This beautiful green allows parents to shop while keeping an eye on their frolicking kids in the middle of the field. You can stroll at a leisurely pace, grab food & drink at the Eastham Suprette next door & make a picnic for the day. This is a great alternative to just another beach day!

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Next to the Eastham Suprette

2475 US-6, Eastham, MA 02642

*The Eastham Windmill, located in Eastham, Massachusetts, is the oldest windmill on Cape Cod. It was constructed by Eastham resident Thomas Paine in Plymouth in 1680. It was first moved to nearby Truro in 1770, then finally to Eastham in 1793. In 1808 the windmill was moved to its present location, near the Eastham Town Hall and the Eastham Public Library. Eastham Windmill, as part of the Eastham Center Historic District, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.